Grant Funding and Writing for Nonprofits

General Workshops

Will Clark, English, Graduate Writing Center Consultant

The grant writing workshop will cover best practices and strategies for securing funds in the nonprofit sector. Topics of discussion will include methods by which to determine funding opportunities, strategies for building long-term relationships with funders, practices for reporting on successes and opportunities during a funding period, budgeting, and more. The goals of this workshop are to introduce graduate students to the nonprofit funding environment and to translate skills learned in graduate school into non-academic contexts. (Approx. 1 hour.) This workshop was recorded in 2019.

Click here for the presentation slides: Grant Funding and Writing for Nonprofits GWC Workshop.pdf

Grant Funding and Writing for Nonprofits Video

Will Clark completed a PhD in English at UCLA in 2018. Before graduate school, he worked for a Bay Area nonprofit, where he successfully secured grants from California state agencies and major private foundations. He specializes in the relation between LGBT studies, U.S. literature, and the law, and his dissertation examines literary representations of citizenship from the Fourteenth Amendment to the Great Depression, with a particular interest in the late-century emergence of queer social membership.

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