Information for Departments

Information for SAOs and Graduate Counselors

Email Announcements

In addition to our web page listings of workshops and programs, we send announcements by email to departmental SAOs and graduate counselors. If you are not on our email list, please contact us at

Flyers and Posters

We also have posters and flyers about our services and programs that we can provide for display in department offices. We also encourage departments to use our flyers in orientation and information packets for new and prospective students.

Orientation and Departmental Presentations

We often make presentations about our services at orientation events for incoming students. If you would be interested in having the GWC come to your orientation, please contact us at

Information for Faculty

Policy on Referrals

As a service for graduate students, we stress the responsibility and initiative of the student, so we prefer not to take referrals directly from faculty or to verify a student's use of our services (see privacy policy). We hope that faculty will encourage graduate students to use our services and provide them with feedback that they can guide their revisions during writing appointments. If a faculty member plans to refer an entire class to GWC appointments, please let the GWC director know (Marilyn Gray,

Policy on Exams

The GWC consultants will not provide feedback on any type of exam unless permission is granted in advance. Please let the GWC director know if such permission is granted for individuals or classes (Marilyn Gray, Alternatively or additionally, providing this permission in a course syllabus could also serve as appropriate documentation.

Privacy Policy

All services are confidential. No information about graduate student use of our service will be released except what is required by university policy or by law.