Conference Proposals and Presentations In the Social Sciences

Social Sciences Workshops

Anne Blackstock-Bernstein, UCLA Graduate Writing Consultant

This workshop covers strategies for preparing conference proposals/abstracts and for presenting papers orally at conferences. It addresses the expected content of a submission as well as the structure and aesthetics of typical 10-20 minute presentations. The workshop specifically focuses on using PowerPoint as a platform. (Approx. 45 mins.) This workshop was recorded in April 2017.

Receiving Feedback on Presentations: We encourage you to watch the workshop below and make an appointment at the Graduate Writing Center when you would like feedback on a presentation. In the appointment you can either discuss your presentation (the text, the PowerPoint) or you may rehearse it. If you choose to practice delivering the presentation, we will use the feedback form linked here.

Click here for presentation slides: Conference Proposals and Presentations in the Social Sciences.pdf

Conference Proposals and Presentations in the Social Sciences (2017) Video

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