Self-Editing Skills

ESL Workshops

Adrienne Lynett, UCLA Program Manager
This workshop provides strategies and resources to enable non-native speakers of English to make appropriate vocabulary choices and approach issues like article and preposition usage in their own writing projects. This workshop in divided into four separate videos on the following topics: revision, editing, and proofreading; general grammar; articles; and word choice. Watch them in any order. This workshop was recorded in 2020.

Part 1: Revision, Editing, and Proofreading

Self-Editing Skills: Revision, Editing, and Proofreading Video

Part 2: Grammar Review

Self-Editing Skills: Grammar Review Video

Part 3: Articles ( The, A, and An )

Self-Editing Skills: Articles (The, A, and An) Video

Part 4: Word Choice

Self-Editing Skills - Word Choice Video

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Workshop Slides

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