Coding as Part of the Qualitative Research Process

Research and Analysis Workshops

Tahseen Shams, UCLA Sociology, Graduate Writing Center Consultant

This presentation gives an introduction to qualitative coding and how it can be incorporated into the research writing process. Using examples, this overview will provide information on types of coding, some common challenges in the process, and ideas for moving from the coding stage to the writing stage. (Approx. 13 mins. Recorded in 2018.)

Click here for presentation slides: Coding as Part of the Qualitative Research Writing Process.pdf

Coding as a Part of the Qualitative Research Writing Process Video

Tahseen Shams completed a PhD in Sociology at UCLA in 2018. She is interested in, and has published articles on, international migration, race, ethnicity, nationalism, and religion. She was a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, the UCLA Graduate Division University Fellowship, and the Dissertation Year Fellowship.

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