Citation and Academic Integrity, Part II: What's in a Citation?

General Workshops

Kathryn Renton, Graduate Writing Consultant

Incorporating research into graduate writing raises complex questions about citing the work of other scholars. Do you always need to provide a citation? When should you quote and when should you paraphrase? Good citation practices, like good writing practices, bring clarity and integrity to academic work. This interactive workshop provides a variety of practice scenarios that will test your knowledge and demonstrate how to apply ethical citation guidelines in your own writing. (Approx. 20 mins. Recorded in 2012.)
For further reference, see the Guidelines to Citation Practices and Citation Styles web pages.

Click to download presentation slides: Academic Integrity Part 2 Examples.pdf

Academic Integrity for Graduate Students, Part II: What’s in a Citation? Video

Kathryn Renton completed a PhD in History at UCLA in 2018. She specializes in the intellectual and cultural history of early modern Europe. While in graduate school, Kathryn received a Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship to support her dissertation research. Her dissertation investigates styles of horsemanship in the Spanish empire and their diplomatic uses in western Mediterranean and trans-Atlantic encounters.

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