Citation and Academic Integrity, Part I: Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism

General Workshops

Gabriella Gray, UCLA Young Research Library Librarian
Marilyn Gray, UCLA Graduate Writing Center Director

What does it really mean to plagiarize? With online text at our fingertips, plagiarism is an important ethical issue for graduate students in the U.S. university environment. UCLA holds its students to a high standard of Academic Integrity and penalizes plagiarism – whether inadvertent or intentional. This workshop clears up common misconceptions about incorporating references into academic writing and introduces good citation practices; these strategies will help you avoid plagiarism. (Approx. 20 mins. Recorded in 2012.)
For further reference, see: UCLA Guide to Academic Integrity, Office of the Dean of Students

Click to download the presentation slides: Academic Integrity Part1.pdf

Academic Integrity for Graduate Students, Part I: Strategies to Avoid Plagiarism Video

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