Expanding Your Audience: How to Publish Outside Academia (STEM Focus)

Sciences and Engineering Workshops

Macrina Dieffenbach,, Psychology, Writing Consultant
Maureen Sampson, Molecular Toxicology, Writing Consultant

Where can your writing and research interests go beyond a field-specific journal article or academic conference presentation? Writing for non-academic outlets offers graduate students the opportunity to spread knowledge about new scientific discoveries and innovations beyond the lab. This workshop will help students improve their science communication skills, providing guidance on how to translate complex scientific ideas for different audiences. We discuss the use of plain language and clear, focused writing to help make your science more accessible. These techniques will improve readability and are appropriate whether the audience is technical or the general public. (Approx. 1 hour.) This workshop was recorded in 2019.

Writing for Audiences Outside Academia (STEM), Macrina Cooper-White, Maureen Sampson, UCLA Graduate Writing Center Video

Workshop slides: