Conducting Research at the UCLA Library

Graduate Student Resource Center

How do I...? —Explanations of how to find books and online and print articles and periodicals; develop a research topic; select and evaluate sources; and cite sources.

Electronic Resources —Links to article databases; e-journals; and e-resources by subject area and type (e.g., dictionaries, thesauri, concordances, style manuals). See Database Tips for instructions on how to navigate different article databases.

Research Guides by Subject —The subject librarian who specializes in your field has created a research guide for important article databases, print and online resources like encyclopedias, and websites. New books acquired by the library are also posted. If you’re not sure where to start when you begin library research, check out the research guide for your field and make an appointment with your subject librarian.

Graduate-Level Research: Services, Resources, and Tips —Information on how to research professors to find theses and dissertations written by their students and to learn how frequently their work is cited. Also provides information on how to find a thesis or dissertation topic, research funding sources, and submit a thesis/dissertation.

Ask a Librarian —Contact information for librarians. Try the 24/7 online chat and text message services.

The following tutorials and websites are designed for undergraduates but teach skills that are essential for success in graduate school:

  • Road to Research —A self-paced online tutorial on how to identify, locate, evaluate, and use research effectively and ethically.
  • Assignment Calculator —Enter the start and due date of your paper, along with your subject area, and receive a detailed, day-by-day research and writing schedule.
  • Research Paper Planner —Similar to the Assignment Calculator, this page helps you plan your paper-writing by suggesting a research and writing schedule for a course that lasts 6 weeks, 10 weeks, and a semester.

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