GWC Appointment Medium

In-Person Appointments

We are offering some in-person appointments, which are designated in the appointment medium as "face-to-face." For in-person appointments, please bring a printed copy (preferably two) of your draft to the appointment. Free printing is available in the Graduate Student Resource Center. Please contact if you need assistance with in-person appointments.

Zoom Appointments

We offer Zoom appointments if you provide the Zoom link in your Handshake registration form. We designate our Zoom appointments as "Audio Zoom" because we don't require video (and sometimes video is an issue for bandwidth). Here are key tips for Zoom appointments:

  • Please provide a Zoom link that does not require an additional password.
  • Please use your UCLA professional Zoom account (access here: If you are not using your pro account, you might have your appointment cut off after 40 minutes.
  • Please email your project document to right before the appointment. (UCLA Zoom does not allow document sharing in chat.) Alternatively, it is possible to share a Google doc link in the chat.

Skype Appointments

Remote Appointments via Audio Skype.
Our primary Skype option is Audio Skype. If you need a chat-based or video-based Skype appointment for accessibility or other reasons, please contact us at at least 2 business days before your appointment and describe your request in the email (please put "Skype medium request" in the email subject line). We will do our best to accommodate you, but some consultants may not offer alternatives to the Audio Skype medium.

For Skype appointments, please use the instructions below:

  • Install the free Skype software on your computer if it is not already installed. Follow the instructions to create a username and password. Perform a test call to make sure your sound functions. We use Skype audio (not video) during the 50-minute appointment.
  • Login to Skype.
  • If your appointment starts on the hour, communicate with the Skype account uclagwc;
    if your appointment starts on the half hour, communicate with Skype account uclagwc2;
    if your appointment starts on the quarter hour, communicate with Skype account live:.cid.511156d022b96bc0 or alternatively "UCLA Graduate Writing Center 3" (display name)
  • Send your paper via Skype chat to the appropriate account at the start of the appointment.
  • Have a copy of your writing project in front of you.
  • Your consultant will call you at the scheduled time.
  • We expect that you will be available to discuss your paper and give your full attention to the appointment during the scheduled time.

Back-up Skype scenarios:

  • If you are having trouble installing the Skype application, the consultant may be able to initiate a web-based Skype session with you. Please contact our email if that is your situation (
  • As a back-up form of communication, you may send your paper in an email to with three components: 1) put "Skype appointment" and the appointment time in the subject line; 2) attach the writing project that you want to discuss to the email; 3) tell us your Skype username in the body of the email (you should also enter your Skype name in Handshake when you register). Please keep in mind that the consultant will not review your writing project until the start of the appointment.

Please email the GWC if you have any questions: