Writing Groups

Graduate Student Resource Center

The Graduate Writing Center currently oversees two types of writing groups: Independent Writing Groups and Facilitated Writing Groups. The independent writing groups, which are organized in fall or winter quarter, are for graduate students at the dissertation writing stage. The groups facilitated by Graduate Writing Center staff are offered spring and sometimes summer.

Independent Writing Groups

The Graduate Writing Center helps organize independent groups that run independently after a mandatory orientation workshop. We organize these groups once a year, usually early winter quarter. To apply to be in an independent group, you may be at any stage of the dissertation as long as you are able to commit to writing 3-4 new pages for each writing group meeting (weekly or biweekly). If you are interested in participating in an independent writing group, please complete and bring the writing group questionnaire posted here to the workshop listed below. Attendance at the workshop is mandatory for those interested in being in a group.

In addition, graduate students who are trying to organize their own independent writing groups may contact us for information on best practices throughout the year. Email questions to gwcprograms@gsa.asucla.ucla.edu with "independent writing group" in the subject line.

Dissertation Writing Groups, Support Groups, and Resources for Dissertators
Dr. Loanie Huynh, Counseling and Psychological Services
Marilyn Gray, Graduate Writing Center Director
The workshop will provide information about resources for dissertators and thesis-writers. It will present information on writing groups and support groups, including how to run your own dissertation writing group or writing partnership. Finally, at the end of the workshop, graduate students who are interested in being placed in a writing group will stay in order to form groups and discuss scheduling. If you are interested in being in a group, fill out the writing group questionnaire and bring it to the workshop.
Friday, January 18th, 12:00-1:30pm
Location: Conference Room 4, Student Activities Center (basement level) (map)

Facilitated Writing Groups

Facilitated writing groups are led by trained GWC writing consultants and generally consist of 4-10 members. The groups focus on helping participants make continuous progress on writing projects by offering structure and support. The facilitators address general writing strategies as well as specific approaches to components of the writing projects. Most of the writing groups’ time is spent on peer review and interactive writing activities. Participants are required to commit to writing a minimum of 3 new pages per week (typed, double-spaced) and to participate every week. Homework for first session: bring a 250-300 word abstract of your writing project and your bibliography, annotated if possible. You are also welcome to bring your current draft.

Important Note: We are not offering any facilitated writing groups at the present time. We usually offer a facilitated writing group for graduate students in the sciences in spring or summer. If you have questions about facilitated writing groups, please contact gwcprograms@gsa.asucla.ucla.edu.