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Writing for Class

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Writing in Nursing--Resources to help nursing students with writing from Purdue OWL.

Writing in Medicine—Developed for Monash University college students studying nursing, medicine, and other health sciences subjects, this online module provides detailed discussions of how to write case reports and do reflective writing.

Literature Searching for BSN Students—A bibliography of articles on researching and writing literature reviews in nursing, compiled by the Nursing and Allied Health Resource Section of the Medical Library Association.

Writing for Publication

Nurse Author & Editor—A free online journal with articles on writing manuscripts, editing, publishing, and avoiding rejection. Volume 19.2 (March 2009), for example, contains articles on converting a poster into a paper and on writing a PhD proposal. This page lists all of the articles written for authors (as opposed to publishers or editors). See also their free e-book, listed below. Note: You will need to register with the website to view articles.

Webb, C. (2008). Writing for publication. Wiley-Blackwell. A free e-book posted on Nurse Author & Editor’s website that covers writing for publication; writing review articles, clinical articles, and research papers; presenting tables and figures; publishing a thesis; writing style; finishing touches such as the abstract; impact factor; and copyright.

Guide to Writing in the Health Sciences—This online journal, based at the University of Toronto, contains articles dedicated to various topics on writing in the health sciences, from grammar and punctuation issues to argument and oral presentation style.

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Writing on the Job

Castledine, G. (1998). Writing, documentation and communication for nurses. Dinton: Quay Books.

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Writing to Get a Job

Nursing Samples and Resources—Examples of resumes, cover letters, thank-you letters and interview questions, by and for nurses at the University of California, San Francisco.

Nurses: Resume Writing Do’s and Don’ts—Tips for nurses on writing resumes/CVs.

Resources for International Students

Allum, V., & McGarr, P. (2008). Cambridge English for nursing. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  (for intermediate English learners)

Bosher, S. D. (2008). English for nursing, academic skills (2nd ed.). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. (for advanced English learners)

Graf, J. (2008). Handbook of biomedical research writing. Hanyang University Online Writing Lab. Written for Korean scientists in the biomedical sciences, this handbook covers writing journal article and clinical case reports.

McCullagh, M., & Wright, R. (2008). Good practice student’s book: Communication in English for the medical practitioner. Cambridge: CUP. (for advanced English learners)

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Quann, S., & Satin, D. (2007). Project care: Health care case studies, multimedia, and projects for practicing English. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. (for intermediate English learners)

Talking Medicine—Interactive modules for doctors and biomedical scientists on meeting presentations, interviews, reports, case histories, and pronunciation.  Note:  The first five modules are free; after that you have to pay. Also, the modules may not necessarily reflect American English—they were developed by doctors and teachers in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Medical English for Doctors and Patients—Grammar and vocabulary activities (along with answer keys) for intermediate and advanced learners of English.  Three activities are specifically for nurses.

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